I am photographer based in the small island town of Enniskillen in the heart of the picturesque Fermanagh Lakelands. My photographic journey began many years ago in the pre-digital era of film photography where I spent many hours in my home darkroom, processing and printing rolls of black and white film. Since then I have worked in many areas of the photographic industry including retail, processing and even a little spell as a cruise ship photographer. I enjoy all genres of photography but landscape photography has been my overriding passion and I’m always happiest when I’m wandering the countryside with my camera.
In more recent times I have developed an interest in more abstract and experimental techniques. Perhaps this comes from my art student days where many of my influences were from the impressionist era. I use techniques such as “in camera movement” and multiple exposures along with some post processing techniques  to capture images that hopefully evoke a more emotive response to the image.
I do a limited number of weddings every year due to other work commitments but please do get in touch if you would like any further information. I also have a small studio where I can provide individual or small family group portraits.
Please follow me on Facebook and keep up to date with all my recent work.

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